Our Story

We started out as a local owned and operated Wireless Internet Service Provider (W.I.S.P) in Jackson MO. We have been proudly providing wireless high speed internet to Cape Girardeau, Southern Perry and Eastern Bollinger Counties since 2011.

As the times change, so does technology, and the demands for technology and service change as well. As with any company in this day and age, we must be flexible and able to change with the times. That is why, in early 2019, we are proud to announce that we are expanding our services to include Managed IT Support.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to build on the success we have achieved in the W.I.S.P sector, providing high speed wireless internet to rural areas, and customers that normally wouldn't have an option for fast internet. We endeavor to offer whatever tech services our clients need. We strive to provide a white-glove approach to IT services, allowing us to be your single point of contact for any IT related problems you may face. Our goal is to proudly be the middle man, that works tirelessly behind the scenes to bring all of the conveniences and necessities of modern technology into reach for every business, no matter their size, in a manner that allows you to forget about your tech problems and focus on getting back to business.

Meet the Staff

Rob Staggs

General Manager, System Administrator, Network Administrator

Jason Williams

IT Director, System Administrator, Network Administrator